In-depth look at LCD TV

Since the LCD-TV?

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display TV "described technology allows the screen to give. As expected, using the LCD TV LCD colors and atmosphere. This is a thin layer of liquid crystal electrodes connected to an agent of structural change done. This is even before that light when the last two filters exacerbate the light that corresponds to the color drive appears. interesting to note that, in contrast to LCD TVs (CRT, CRT "TV CRT), Liquid Crystal Display an external light source to work, which typically requires a bright background or light refraction.

4 focuses on LCD TVs, has often been said

The first color / quality is worse than CRT and plasma.

Answer: You can use a technical sense, but what about the human perception, can not tell a big difference. Manufacturers have the money to develop LCD technology and mechanisms to resolve problems relating to the use of color LCD. picky guests can complain, but the average person does not know the difference.

A more dead pixels on LCD TV and destruction are inevitable

Answer: The dead pixels are rare, and most of the owners of LCD TVs, but if they show the dead pixels can not be maintained. In fact, they can just "stuck" pixels, which can be set in many ways (reset pixel seems to be with the gentle power, for example.) If for any reason, you find a dead pixel, often in exchange warranty.

Third Non è possibile visualizzare LCD TV

Risposta: Questo è un po 'taxes, PNO vedere in Realta, when nature is My Summer of LCD TVs, the images on the vision, ossia Che eat displayed or off-Aces is Chiaro di Colore della qualità degradazione. The problem with this fear is often exaggerated - I suggest going to an electronics store and watch the LCD TV has revealed little, where this problem is true.

Fourth LCD TV and videogiochi sono Terribili

Answer: This concern is an apparent reaction time ", LCD, which are often much higher than CRT and plasma TV. Remember that if this is a problem in the past, once the responses of hundreds of milliseconds and above LCD TVs 50ms response was, is now often much lower, which means that they can not see a delay screen .

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