Garmin Forerunner 305 - the best rates

Basic functions (and the beach in the heart) works perfectly. I had no signal drop from other heart rate monitors. If the satellites were originally I was falling, it was not purchased. The first satellite acquisition may be excessive and may take some time. Accuracy (reading) is + / - 25 meters depending on the number of satellites found. I compared the GPS measurements is known, based on the number of routes, which are based on (Lake Street, Chicago). GPS is continuous in the five-mile or 10 meters away from the panel of miles on the road. Well, I think it's the least we can expect the GPS unit $ 145! Of course it is higher than the normal scheduled time, but do not worry. The average heart rate is very nice and well made.

The screen is bright and it is a unique feature: The information on multiple pages can be completely adapted to the user. The construction of the default setting seems pretty weak, replace only a few measures that they ride with the information I wanted to watch, could, if. About 40 of information in the field, you can select different screen. Sampling frequency: current speed, return policy, the average pulse duration.

Information about education not PC (Education Center) is open. The software is really good at the moment / speed / heart / calorie information. However, maps are very strict scrutiny. I have a bit of a Web-on-demand services (Motion Based). It fits me very well and offers additional features, the school is a program wrap, although I can not decide whether it is worth $ $ $ in the long term storage of information is on. Motion-Based Google Earth licenses, and is very funny to see their picture on the TV treadmill. Can be downloaded to USB, but it will be slower than the charger used.

I had hoped that with this device can be motivating for me, actually. I can not imagine driving without or on a bicycle. Update your training journal | Now days: Take this thing on my computer, and you're done. I hope that future software update to do something about the computing time (perhaps several levels of smoothing?). If yes, the Forerunner 305 has won five stars + + +.


Complete sampling and measurement of the ideal HR pace lap charge seamlessly with PCs

Training log message updates automatically, fully customizable


Differ significantly from the speed reading.

I almost live over the Internet, what I do. I tend to sleep, and sometimes extravagant, day or night because of it. But I did not choose, because in the Internet .

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